Author Topic: COD training and engine management  (Read 1452 times)

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Re: COD training and engine management
« Reply #15 on: April 29, 2015, 09:05:38 pm »
Wednesday, 4/29, great turnout. Lit into a flight of 10 Dorniers trying to work over the Isle of Wight area. We knocked down a few of them and sent them packing. After landing to rearm and get patched up, I had to fly back home to save the plane before dinner while the rest took off after an incoming flight of JU-88's. Wish I could have stuck around for the fun. 1.3 kills isn't a bad tally though.
Nice mission.


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Re: COD training and engine management
« Reply #16 on: April 30, 2015, 05:33:09 am »
 8) ..... Sorry I missed it ..... It's harder and harder this time of year to get on, especially Sunday mid-day ....I'm in the early stages of building a Muscle car and it's taking a lot of my time at the moment ... Hope to see you all soon.....
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