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TG found alive and kicking along the French Riviera


I don't need to tell you what kind of "coconuts" he was fondl, err, holding when I spotted him on my low pass over a topless beach.                                                                  ::)
He'll be working his way back to us soon.


I remember spending time on those beaches.  My escape was hampered every time by bronzed, fit young ladies whom..errrr never mind!
Have we got a rescue party? I'll lead the assault to free him from those evil feminine devils if need be! After all it's my duty as XO.
Don't tell the ACSM or we'll all be in French ticke...I mean dutch!

Oh, NO! No need!!
There's absolutely no need to try and spare any more men for this venture. I've already left and am halfway there as we speak. I just had to stop by the PX and pick up some silk leggie-type things to use as bargaining chips to free the poor old TG.
I'll be back in, uhhhh, due time.



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